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Spectralis is one of the many services offered by Oxford Valley Eye Associates to better understand conditions that affect the eye. It uses 3D optical imaging to see nerve fibers and structures inside the eye. This information helps this eye doctor in Langhorne PA determine the best course of action for conditions such as glaucoma.… read more

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Sight is very important and useful for our daily lives. Take care of your eyes by going to routine checkups with your eye doctor. Eye sight changes often so it is important you see your eye doctor in Langhorne, PA more often. Vision can gradually get worse and that is why routine checkups are important.… read more

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What if you could get your eye sight corrected indefinitely? Many eye conditions can be permanently corrected with eye surgery. From serious eye conditions to minor vision loss, your eye sight can be corrected! An eye surgery can change your life for the better and get you back to doing the activities you enjoy. Although… read more