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Bucks County PA Eye Specialist

Bucks County, PA Eye Specialist, Dr. Friedberg is dedicated to his patients. We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule, with extended hours and all paperwork needed found on our website. We offer many in office surgical procedures and can treat the whole family. Call Oxford Valley Eye Associates today to learn more.… read more

Visit your Bucks County PA eye specialist today

With how important our eyes are to our daily lives, it is important to get them regularly checked for eye health. Oxford Valley Eye Associates has friendly and experienced physicians who understand your concerns and provide options for care. This Bucks County PA eye specialist can get you on the right track for life-long healthy… read more

People with Astigmatism See an Eye Specialist in Bucks County, PA

If you are living with astigmatism, you don’t have to.  Astigmatism is a condition is which vision is blurry due to either curvature of the lens, irregular shaped cornea, or clear front cover of the eye.  Astigmatism is the leading cause of people visiting eye specialists.  An eye specialist in Bucks County, PA can help you… read more

If You Have Cataracts See an Ophthalmologist in Langhorne, PA

If you have been experiencing symptoms of cataracts or know you have cataracts, you need to consult with an ophthalmologist in Langhorn, PA. A cataract is a condition that causes cloudy or foggy vision and gradually gets worse overtime. A few basic symptoms of cataracts include cloudy vision, sensitivity to light, and decreased night time vision.  Oxford Eye Associates will test you… read more

Come Visit an Eye Specialist in Bucks County, PA to See if You Are at Risk for Glaucoma

Are you suffering from Glaucoma? You are not alone! Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve in your eye and gradually gets worse over time. It is not a condition that you  want to leave untreated and risk complete loss of vision. Even if you have not been diagnosed with glaucoma you could still be at risk!… read more