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Eye Doctor Langhorne PA

Oxford Valley Eye Associates is dedicated to providing excellent care for all of our patients. With over 30 years as your eye doctor in Langhorne, PA we have built a reputation of quality care and we are proud to be the best. Call today to learn more about what sets us apart and schedule an… read more

Services by the best eye doctor in Langhorne PA

Spectralis is one of the many services offered by Oxford Valley Eye Associates to better understand conditions that affect the eye. It uses 3D optical imaging to see nerve fibers and structures inside the eye. This information helps this eye doctor in Langhorne PA determine the best course of action for conditions such as glaucoma.… read more

Come See Your Eye Doctor in Langhorne, PA More!

Sight is very important and useful for our daily lives. Take care of your eyes by going to routine checkups with your eye doctor. Eye sight changes often so it is important you see your eye doctor in Langhorne, PA more often. Vision can gradually get worse and that is why routine checkups are important.… read more

Come See Our Eye Doctor in Langhorne, PA today!

When was the last time you had an eye checkup? Getting your eye checkup is an important as any other health checkup. Not going to see your eye doctor in Langhorne, PA can be bad for your eye sight. Although you do not realize your loss of your eye sight, your doctor will! And without… read more

Eye Doctor in Langhorn, PA Can Treat Conjunctivitis

Are your eyes in discomfort due to conjunctivitis? Make an appointment to get treated by an eye doctor in Langhorn, PA today! Symptoms of Conjunctivitis include itching, swelling, discharge,and redness of the eye.  Conjunctivitis can be triggered by irritation, contact lenses, allergies, or a bacterial infection. Conjunctivitis can easily spread to each eye leaving you in discomfort.  Usually… read more

Eye Doctor in Langhorne, PA Embraces New Technology

At Oxford Valley Eye Associates, we know that our patients expect the best care possible from an eye doctor in Langhorne, PA.  One of the things that allows us to provide a high level of care is our commitment to embrace technological innovations within the field.  Spectralis is an excellent example.  Spectralis gives us the… read more

Best Eye Doctor in Langhorne PA

Are you looking for a great eye doctor in Langhorne PA? If you are, then look no further than Oxford Valley Eye Associates. We have the expertise in many of the needed procedures that you need. Contact us today and lets talk options. You will be in the best hands with us. Our caring and timely… read more