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Eye Surgeon Langhorne PA

We provide many of the surgical procedures you need in office at Oxford Valley Eye Associates. Dr. Friedberg has over 30 years experience and is constantly educating himself on the newest techniques and advances in the field. Call today to learn more about eye surgery in Langhorne, PA.… read more

Trusted eye surgeon in Langhorne PA

Your eyes are your most used asset, and also one of the most delicate. Finding an eye surgeon in Langhorne PA for when you need a procedure done is easy. Oxford Valley Eye Associates understands how important your vision is, and strives to make patients comfortable with complete information and understanding technicians.… read more

Consult With Your Eye Surgeon in Langhorne, PA

What if you could get your eye sight corrected indefinitely? Many eye conditions can be permanently corrected with eye surgery. From serious eye conditions to minor vision loss, your eye sight can be corrected! An eye surgery can change your life for the better and get you back to doing the activities you enjoy. Although… read more

Athletes Contact an Eye Surgeon in Langhorne, PA

There are several reasons people want to get eye surgery to permanently fix their vision. Athletes especially understand the difficulty of having glasses and often turn to this resolution. Having to wear glasses during your activities definitely effects your performance. Eye surgery would change your life for the better, allowing to to thrive in all your activities.… read more

Top Quality Eye Surgeon in Langhorne PA

Is there an eye surgery in your future and you are looking for the best eye surgeon in Langhorne PA? If so, then visit Oxford Valley Eye Associates for your surgery. We have expertise in all the typical eye ailments and know that we can help you. Visit us today and let’s discuss your situation and… read more

Eye Surgeon in Langhorne PA

Are you looking for an eye surgeon in Langhorne PA? If you are, then look no further than Oxford Valley Eye Associates. We  have the procedures that you are looking for in an eye surgeon. From cataract to glaucoma, we have everything that you need to keep your eyes the best they can. Let us help… read more